New Baby Born Wishes, Messages And Quotes

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Welcoming a baby is a very happy and exciting moment for a new parent.  And a perfect congratulatory message is needed to congratulate those parents.  So we have brought you a collection of some special, meaningful new baby congratulations messages, wishes and quotes.

New Baby Born Wishes

  • The new born angel shall bring in loads of happy and memorable times in your life. Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby. God bless your family.
  • May the new born baby, bring loads of joy, love and smiles in your lives. Congratulations.
  • Congratulations on the arrival of your little angel. May God bless your child with all his love, care and happiness.
  • I wish that this exciting news, brings all the joy and fun in your life. May your new born angel live a long and happy life. May God bless your child. Congratulations.
  • With the arrival of your new angel, shall come immense blessings and love. Congratulations on this lovely news. May God bless your family with loads of fun and peaceful times.
  • Step by step the journey goes on, Step by step, it will grow strong. God has bestowed an angel upon you, We are sure someday, your baby will shine like a dew.
  • They say children are a form of God. God has arrived in your home. Congratulations! I’m sure you are going to make amazing parents!
  • With the new baby, I pray comes loads and loads of joy and smiles. The new angel shall shine up your life. Congratulations!

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New Born Baby Wishes To Parents

  • I am mighty pleased to know that god has gifted you and your family with a sweet angel. I wish love and happiness to your entire family. God bless the new life.
  • Congratulations. The new baby shall spread smiles and warmth in your family. Enjoy your God’s gift. My best wishes are always with you.
  • I congratulate you on such a happy and blessed occasion. May the new baby make us all proud. Our blessings will ever shower on the new angel.
  • The gift of God has been delivered, the baby shall shine your lives with love and joy. May God shower your little heart with all his love and warmth.
  • The cute little smile on the face, That cute little wiggle Smile back at your baby And see your baby will giggle This is really fun, Many congrats on your baby’s birth!
  • Aww! Feels so good to see your baby ..Such a loving face ..Such a cute and charming grace  ..Bless the child, Many congrats to you!
  • Congrats on birth of your baby, Your role has just begun ..Now you will experience a roller coaster fun ..Enjoy this phase,  Many congrats to you!

Congratulations For New Born Baby

  • Congratulations on one of your best moments in life. May this little parcel of joy bring prosperity, joy and luck to you.
  • May your new little one grow strong, wealthy and wise. Congratulations for the new baby!
  • Babies are the best gifts God can give us and I am glad you just received one. Congratulations and take care of this little bundle of joy.
  • Congratulations! I wish and pray lots of happiness and love for the newly arrived baby.
  • The coolest part about being parents is catching a glimpse of yourself in your little one! Congratulations! Happy Parenting!
  • Parenting may not be the easiest task at hand, but its definitely the best one available! Congratulations for the new baby.
  • Congratulations. Your life is going to enter its most beautiful stage – parenting! Enjoy every bit of it!

New Baby Congratulations Message

  • Congratulations! I wish God blesses you both and your little one abundantly!
  • It is said God could not be everywhere and that’s why he made parents. Take care of the little gift given to you by God. The next few years are going to be the best years of your life. Congratulations and Happy Parenting!
  • A new angel is on its way, who shall bring in loads of joy, love and sweet memories in your life. I greet your little angel with my sincere care and blessings. Congratulations.
  • I am mighty pleased to know that god has gifted you and your family with a sweet angel. I wish love and happiness to your entire family. God bless the new life. Congratulations!
  • A new joy In your arms, A new toy to play, Wait till the little one, Have to say, What? Mom and dad! Wishing both of you congrats on being proud parents!
  • There must be an excitement in the air, Here, there and everywhere, The bundle of joy in your hands, You really can’t understand, Because the moment is beyond adorable, From now, your life will be wonderful, Congrats on being new parents, God bless!
  • The arrival of the baby Is small, But, the joy is really big, Coz your role will change for sure, It’s a feeling too blissful and pure, So stay happy and enjoy your time, Congrats on being the proud parents!

New Baby Wishes Quotes

  • The joyous time to cheer, Because of the tiny tot in your hand, The feeling is so awesome, It’s hard to understand, But, it’s time to celebrate the occasion so new, So, feel blessed because the feeling is true, Congrats on being proud parents!
  • Congrats to both of you, For the new bundle of joy, So, are you all geared up with? The laughing toys, Celebrate the new role in your life, Stay blessed and smile!
  • Please say Hi to the new member of your family, With lots of hugs and kisses, Feeling so good to hear this news, It feels so awesome on the new, Arrival of your baby, Congrats to both of you, Always stay blessed!
  • There will be a lot of joy, The crying and cribbing day long, You will know to where you belong, Amongst lots of chaos and confusion, One smile will melt your heart, Congrats on your new role in life!
  • I am waiting to cuddle the little one, Oh my god it’s so much of fun, Waiting to see the tiny hands, Waiting for that smile, This would give calmness all the while, Congrats on your bundle of joy!
  • Oh! What a lovely news that is, What a lovely joy, Waiting to see your bundle of joy, Amongst all the talking toys, So glad that you both are parents, To a wonderful baby boy, So, hearty congrats to you, God bless you!
  • I just received news of an angel coming to earth, Oh my god, how should I react? Congrats to both of you for the birth of a baby girl, Wait because your world will get a tight swirl, Yes, a little more time, And there would be lots of fun, Stay blessed all of you!
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