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A man can make the any impossible possible if he keeps trying. For example, we can say – such as Edison’s success in making light bulbs after 10,000 times trying.

So we are sharing some of the best keep trying quotes to inspire you to keep trying for your goal.

keep trying quotes :

  • “Never quit. If you stumble get back up. What happened yesterday no longer matters. Today’s another day so get back on track and move closer to your dreams and goals. You can do it!”
  • “No matter how hard I try, life just wont let me get what I try. But I wont give up.”
  • “If you fall, rise up, shake off the dust and try again.”
  • “Never let any hurdles big or small in life trip you up and stop you from achieving your goals in life.”
  • “Innovation is repeated failure until something works.”

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  • Life is like a sport, facing obstacles and learning from them. Every time we fall we get back up and try again until we finish what has been started! We try and try never to quit, because what’s life without trying.”
  • “Keep the faith. Keep working hard and great things will happen.”
  • “Limits are just a state of mind, you can always push yourself to do better, no matter what the cost might be. Keep going at it and you will succeed.”
  • “Don’t reduce your efforts just because you’re missing the target, nothing great comes simple. Steady your aim and train harder.”
  • “Some people dream of success, others make it happen.”

Never Stop Trying Quotes :

  • “Just because something seems hard to obtain doesn’t mean you should give up instead you should put more efforts and work hard to achieve it.”
  • “I have failed countless times and still kept going. It’s because I’ve learned that the more times I fail, the more I will learn.”
  • “Don’t work until you get it right. Work until you can’t get it wrong.”
  • “You have a choice. You can throw in the towel or you can use it to wipe the sweat off your face.”
  • “Don’t let the thoughts of failure stop you from trying, even when you fail, it’s not enough to give up. The light bulb itself, finally found success after so many trials.”

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  • “Too many people use being scared as an excuse for not trying. You may fail, try anyway. That’s how you grow. That’s how you do incredible things.”
  • “You never give up, You pick yourself up, You brush yourself off, You push forward, You move on! You adapt! You overcome! That’s what I BELIEVE!”
  • “If you’re doing good work, don’t stop. Press on and keep working, no matter what others say or how much they discourage you.”
  • “Winners lose much more often than losers. So if you keep losing but you’re still trying, keep it up! You’re right on track.”
  • “Some people will always prefer to see you down and lower, but use that to motivate yourself into working harder and growing better.”

Keep Trying Quotes Inspirational :

  • Life may challenge you from the worst case ever. But don’t be too afraid of fighting what’s for you and what’s for the better.”
  • “Never let the ups and downs along the way, stop you from doing what you know is meant for you to do.”
  • “Sometimes I act like I’ve given up, but deep inside me, I’m just warming up.”
  • “The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who’s going to stop me.”
  • “Some people give up after they fall. Just because you’ve fallen it doesn’t mean that you have to stay down. Find a way to get back up.”

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  • “Never give up, and never stop trying to achieve the goals and dreams that you know you deserve.”
  • “Keep trying your chances, you never know which will yield the best result.”
  • “Great victory can follow a shocking defeat if there is positive persistence in the pursuance. Never say never. Keep the hope alive.”
  • “It’s not important to achieve everything in first or one go. But it is extremely vital to make positive progress in reasonable time.”
  • “If you ever feel like giving up, remember that you will accomplish nothing by doing so. Keep it moving and never give up.”

Keep Trying Until You Succeed Quotes :

  • “No matter how many times you fail, you are not yet a failure until you quit trying.”
  • “A failure is not always a mistake, it may simply be the best one can do at that circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying.”
  • “Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”
  • “In life, you never know what kind of result you will get until you try your best, and see to it until the end.”
  • “In order to change you have to WANT to change, PUSH yourself to change and KEEP GOING even if it’s taking too long or it seems too hard.”
  • “Sometimes it will seem like every day is a bad day, but if you keep fighting you’ll have good days again.”
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