Good Friday 2023 : Quotes, Message, Prayers and Poems

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Good Friday is a holy Christian holiday commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his gift of eternal life through faith in him. This day is also known as Holy Friday, Great Friday, Great and Holy Friday. Every year, Christians observe Good Friday on the Friday before Easter. Here are the best Good Friday Quotes, Messages, Prayers and Poems to share with your family and friends.

Good Friday Quotes:

This Good Friday,
My only prayer for you is
That the divine love of the Lord be with you and your family!

He is there to enlighten your path
He is there on every way
Will bless you on this holy day
On the occasion of Good Friday!

Let there be peace in the mind
Mercy in the heart
For that one wonderful start
On this holy day
It’s the Good Friday!

I pray to the Lord that you and your family
Stay in peace and forever in love
On this holy time of Good Friday
May God bless you all!

It’s the day of acceptance
The day of mercy
The day when you thank the Lord
For all the kindness
It’s the Good Friday!

My special prayer for you for this day
May this Good Friday be as special today
For you are special in every way
For Good Friday today!

On this holy day,
I asked the Lord to grant you love, forgiveness and mercy
To prevail in every way
As it’s the Good Friday today!

May Lord enlighten your life with bliss
May things change for good
And not remain like this
For it’s a holy day today
It’s Good Friday!

I pray that all the choicest blessings of the Lord
Shine on you on this day
On the day of mercy and love
It’s the Good Friday!

Start this day with a bright smile on your face
Today have that loving grace
It’s the season of mercy and prayers
It’s Good Friday!

My wish on this Holy day is
May the Lord grant grace,
Also teach you wisdom and sacrifice
And may his love purify your heart this day.

Mercy and peace are the symbols today
Being the witness of this Holy day
He gave his all to bless the world
So have a moment in his honor today
Bless everyone on this holy day
It’s the good Friday!

It’s the day of slaying of our beloved Lord
Of all the sacrifices he made for us
He took all the blame and gave in
A wise lesson to be learned on win
A day to celebrate the forgiveness and mercy!
It’s the good Friday today!

Remember to keep that gratitude in your heart
Today as you, make that wise start
Don’t forget to bow down to Almighty
For he is the supreme power to be
Bless everyone thy Lord
It’s the good Friday today!

Praying that Almighty today
Hold you in his power of love
And grant you wisdom and peace
Bless you with love on this Holy day
Take a moment to remember him today
Coz it’s the good Friday!

My special prayer only for you this day
May the Lord bless you with love and compassion
And lots of peace this day,
May Almighty bless you in each way.

May this day of prayer and peace
Enlighten your heart that it brings
Compassion and mercy in your life
It’s a day for that mercy and start
A day to spread peace and love.

May the heavenly mercy of the Lord,
Bring in lots of cheer in your life
May it comes up to you to give you
That internal peace and sense of sacrifice
This is a day of love and peace.

Life will always remain a cause
For all the things in dismay
But things won’t really be sure
Until you take the name of cure
The cure is Almighty Lord for sure.

May his eternal mercy remains
On your family and your friends
May you never have to strive for
Things that make you unhappy
Stay blessed, as it is a holy day
As it’s a Good Friday!

Good Friday Prayers

This day Almighty,
Give us the peace and endurance in heart
To overcome all the sufferings of life
To have that will to strive
As we remember your love for us
On this holy day!

As we remember the Almighty Lord
And the sacrifice he made
To save us
We bow down in front of you
So that we can observe our love for you
On this holy day
Good Friday!

Oh Lord please listen to my prayer
For this is day of truth
As I bow in front of you
Listen to my plea
And bless everyone to glee
This Good Friday!

You took the form of slave
To save the human race
I bow in front of you
For you had that grace
To make the world a better place
Bless us this Good Friday!

I know you will hear my prayer
A prayer from my heart
Bless us oh Christ
For is a holy start
To a day when you sacrificed
And showed the meaning of strive
This Good Friday!

I pray for peace all over the world
Your sacrifice should pay back
I pray for love all over the world
The message that you gave
By putting your life at stake
Oh Lord bless us
This Good Friday!

The agony and the pain
The holy spirit unveil
The way you taught us
The message of peace
When all the things will cease
This Good Friday!
Bless us thy Lord!

The love that showed us the way
I ask today in my prayer
The love of humanity and peace
Then all the worries will cease
Bless your child oh Lord
On this holy day!
Good Friday!

I wish and pray that you enlighten every soul
With your teachings and love
Oh Lord please bring peace in life
So that it ends all the sufferings and suffice
Oh Lord bless us
This Good Friday!

On this holy day
Bless every child of yours
For peace in the heart
And mercy in life
Bearing everything and strive
This good Friday!

Dear God, this Good Friday I wish to tell you how grateful I am for the selfless sacrifice made by your holiness and the goodness of your sweet son, Jesus Christ. I know I am a sinner and no matter how hard I try to overcome sinning, I always find myself surrendering to the temptations of the world. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, this is the grace then I ask from you that you give me the strength to fight back the evil temptations and wicked seductions of the world. Should I still have the misfortune to fall into the snare of the devil, I ask you the wisdom to realize my mistake soon and take steps to better it. I love you dear God.

Jesus Christ, pour your sweet blood on the wounds that my words must have created and heal them. I realize that killing someone might not necessarily mean taking their life but killing could also mean hurting someone so much that they wish they were dead. Give me the wisdom and strength that my mouth may open only to make someone feel better. May everyone who comes to me, feel better about themselves than they were feeling before they met me. I ask you this grace in the name of the Lord who made heaven and earth. Amen.

Sweet Mother Mary, nothing can be more painful than a mother witnessing the brutal torture and murder of her dear son, who has done nothing but only good. You bore the suffering and agony that no mother should ever experience. Still you love us, sinners, so much. Yet your love for us is ever forgiving and ever giving. I want to tell you that I am ever grateful to Jesus Christ for giving me a mother like you to venerate. I never find myself alone in any circumstance because I always know that you are always watching my back and protecting me. Praise you dear mother.

God Jesus, you know the problems I am facing. You understand my weaknesses much more than even I do. This cross I am facing is too much to bear for my weak shoulders. I find myself feeling extremely lonely and stressed out. I need your help Jesus Christ. Just the way you carried your cross of burden, please grant me the strength to face this difficult time with grace. You said, ask and you will receive, seek and you will find. I need you Lord, and I believe that you will be there. Amen.

God Jesus Christ, I know you see my suffering. You understand my pain and are living my anguish with me. I need your support as my strength to carry on during this painful time of agony. Just like how after you suffered on the cross and rose from the dead, I know that my pain too is temporary and I will come out of this dark cloud soon. Till then, dear Jesus, please be my guide. Give me the power of the Holy Spirit so that I may deal with this time with a smile on my face. May I never lose the trust and faith I have in your powers. On this Good Friday, I pray that with the coming of Easter Sunday, may a miracle take place and may these tears be replaced with smiles. I know you can help me, but more than that I know that you will help me. I love you dear Jesus.

O God who made heaven and earth, it is not difficult for you to destroy the sinners who caused so much of pain to you, their creator. Yet instead of punishing them, you loved them. Yet instead of rebuking them, you forgave them. They crucified your dear son, yet all you did was loved them even more. God, teach me to be more like you so that I too may carry on with your word of love and truth to all I meet. May no person come to me feeling closer to you that they did before they met me. I need your light to shine through me to all my brothers and sisters around me. May I learn to love even my enemies, and may I learn to give another chance to others who have wronged me. Just the way your love never falls out of chances for me no matter how many mistakes I make, may my love for you make me see you in all those I meet. Praise you Lord, thank you Lord. I say this prayer in the name of my sweet Jesus, Amen.

Jesus Christ, your love for me is ever forgiving. When I am really angry with those around me, I find it very difficult to forgive and let go. I fail to understand that when you my Lord and my Master, who is a reflection of perfection, could forgive me a thousand times for my mistakes, who am I, a sinner, to hold grudges against my brothers and sisters. When your people came to you with the woman who committed adultery, you said “Whoever is without sin among you, let him be the first to cast a stone at her.” This Is such a beautiful lesson to us, that we always find fault so easily in others, but don’t tend to notice the faults in ourselves. None of us are perfect, yet we strive for perfection in others. I thereby ask this grace from you dear Jesus that I learn to accept more than expect and learn to love more than criticize. I say this prayer in the name of the God Almighty and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Dear God, this Good Friday, I ask you the grace to experience what Jesus experienced on the cross. I want to reflect and understand my sweet Jesus’ pain and agony so that I am able to love him more. When Easter Sunday comes, may my heart rejoice in the most significant miracle that has even taken place with my Lord Jesus rising from the dead. During this period of Lent, I ask you for the strength to help me forgo the temptations of the world.

May this period of Lent, bring me closer to you Lord Jesus. May I be able to partake in your pain and suffering. May I learn to sacrifice things that are dear to me for the good of my lesser fortunate brothers and sisters. Our Creator, has blessed our world with everything sufficient for us. However, it is our greed for wanting of more that results in some of our brothers and sisters not having enough.

Dear God, grant me the strength to accept what I cannot change; to smile even when in pain and to see the best in others always. Teach me Lord, to live with a clean heart free from hatred and anger, so that I too may see love in others just the way you see love in me. Grant me the grace to keep my heart ever loving and ever forgiving. May I always be faithful to your word, and strong enough to resist the evil seductions of this world. This prayer I make dear God, with true faith in you. I know that with your help I can conquer all my fears. Praise you Lord.

Good Friday Poems

Love of Lord
The love of Lord on this day
Who sacrificed and paved a way
He did this for our sins
So that good things prevail
Bow to him on this day
Its Good Friday today!

He gave us
Lord gave his life for us
For our love and the world
The pain and the sufferings
Was enough for the bearing
The heart that cried seeing him this way
It’s that holy day
It’s Good Friday!

So kind is way
There would have been no transformation,
No things to care of
No means to salvation
Without the sacrifice of the Almighty Lord
So, bow to him
From my heart and thought
This Good Friday!

The day was
The day when we remember our saviour
Who sacrificed and restored
The faith in love and humanity
For all the sufferings and core
Bless this day and his love
For us to survive
On this holy day of Good Friday!

To save us all
You shed your glory thy Lord
For humanity and love
To save the world from pain
You sacrificed in vain
Bless us thy Lord on this holy day
Good Friday!

A second chance
A second chance that you gave
For the love and humanity
You sacrificed for the love
So, please accept our love
As we bow in front of you
Love for Almighty
This holy Good Friday!

Of the world
The chaos of the world
You became the pacifier
You gave your life in vain
Bearing all the pain
So, bless us thy Lord this day
For it’s a holy day of remembering you
Good Friday!

The holy day
A day of fasting,
A day of remembering the Almighty
The day when you remember all the sacrifice
Made by thy Lord
It’s a holy day of love
It’s the Good Friday!
So bless us this day!

For all the wrong
For all the wrongs that we did
For all the things undone
The savoir of this earth
Took it all to him
For saving us with grace
For the love of humanity
Good Friday is the day
So, bless this day!

This day in time
This Good Friday
Pray to Lord for everything that he gave
He taught the meaning of sacrifice
The meaning of strive
So bow to him with love
On this day of faith
Good Friday it is!

He came in this world like a common man,
He was the son of God, yet He came to us like a friend.
He lived and he died, but then he rose again,
He will come back one day once again, for Jesus is our best friend.
May you have a Holy and Fulfilling Good Friday!

Jesus will listen to your prayers on this day,
He will guide you through the maze of your problems showing you a better way.
Like your guardian Angel,
He will watch your back against all dangers,
Like your best friend,
He will keep you calm your anger and temper.
So put leave your problems and worries for his to solve,
Forget they exist and witness how he makes them dissolve.
Have a splendid and fulfilling Good Friday.

This Good Friday put your trust in our dear Lord,
For he’s the best friend you could ever have.
His love for you is abundant and shows for boundaries,
Unconditional and pure, this love is in its truest form filled with feelings.
So this Good Friday put your trust in our dear Lord,
And he will make all your problems disappear.

Good Friday to you.
May his divine light shine upon you,
May his blessings be abundant, giving and true.
May you be blessed with his love and goodness,
May you be granted the grace of obedience and forgiveness.

He is a loving God
He is a loving God, he is a forgiving God,
He’s our redeemer, he is our saviour, he is our Lord.
He is not someone to fear but someone to love,
He is someone who is watching our backs from heaven above.

Have a holy Good Friday.
He came down in human form before 2000 years,
He will be back again to show us his love for us,
So let’s prepare ourselves for his special coming,
Lets replace the bitterness in our hearts, let’s work on being more loving.
Blood poured from his head as they pierced him with crowns,
His bones hurt as they made him carry his cross all the way to Calvary,
His love for us never became less in spite of this brutality,
He still continues to love humanity.

Jesus our Lord, changed the world in such a beautiful way
That today even after 2000 years we remember Him every day.
This Good Friday, let us take time to ponder on His great sacrifice,
Let us promise to be good Christians every day of our lives.
May His light shine upon you this Good Friday!

May the Blessings of Lord Jesus Christ shine upon you,
May His grace and light be with you to guide you.
May His love always guard you and protect you.
May you have a Holy Good Friday.

Good Friday marks the unjust murder of our Lord Jesus Christ,
The Son of God, our Hero made such a selfless sacrifice.
He did this only so that our sins may be forgiven,
And we may live with Him in paradise.
May you have a blessed Good Friday.

May the divine mercy of Lord Jesus Christ be with you,
May His holy blood wash away your sins and cleanse your heart clean as new.
May His love and blessings fill your heart always and forever,
May you lose your trust in His power, never!
Wishing you a blessed good Friday.

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