Whether it’s your brother’s board exam or your friend’s job exam if you want to wish them good luck in their exams then read the entire article. Here are more than 50 best of luck messages for the exam. Which will give positive vibes and motivation to your candidate.

Good Luck Exam Wishes

The only person, who shall shape your future, is you. Good luck.

You have never failed, and with your sincere focus, you never shall. You have all the blessings and luck from our side.

Don’t let pressure get a hold of you, stand strong with focus and calmness. You are certain to succeed. All the Best.

With a heart as brave as yours, am sure no test can take you down. I wish you all the luck for success.

If you believe in yourself,
You don’t need any help,
Go and achieve your goals,
Be ready for a brighter role,
All the best for your exams!

When exams are near,
Nothing seems clear,
You are tension,
Oh! Did I mention,
Relax; you will do well in your test,
Study hard, and leave the rest,
All the best!

To excel you need to climb on the pyramid,
You will reach higher with little competition,
All the best for your exams!

Its that time of the year,
When you will give your examination,
You need to study with concentration,
To get high grades,
So study well,
All the best for exams!

Study hard to get what you want,
Study hard to achieve everything you desire,
Study hard to achieve your goals,
So, all the best for your exams!

You studied hard,
So leave the rest,
Be prepared for your real test,
All the best for your exams!

Good Luck Exam Message

Hard work always pays in life,
You will get fruitful result if you strive,
May you achieve whatever you wish for and aim higher!
All the best!

People might be wishing you all the best for today,
But, I will wish you a great success on your way,
All the best and do well in your exams!

You have studied so hard,
So, you will get the outcome,
Stay relaxed even if you come across a big problem,
All the best for passing the test!

Wish you loads of good luck for your test,
Don’t worry and give your best shot,
And leave the rest,
Good luck and do well in your exams!

If you study hard,
Then you will make a great start,
So forget your fear,
When your paper is near,
All the best and give your best shot!

Go for it,
And give your best,
Today is your real test,
Be relaxed and don’t take tension,
Exams just require the right skill and attention,
All the best!

Good luck for your test my dear,
Take the challenge without any fear,
All the best to you!

Stay calm and relax when you see the test,
Be cool and write down with ease,
All your tensions will cease,
All the best for your exams!

Hope you reach great heights of success,
Go fly high to make your own nest,
Because you know you are the best,
So here is wishing you all the best!

Don’t let stress get the better of you.
I have faith you will emerge successful in the ensuing exams.
Your hard work will pay off. Good Luck!

Exam Wishes For Friends

Believe in yourself and your hard work.
Remember perseverance pays.
All the best for your exam.
And may you observe success in all your endeavours.

When exams are near,
It is common to be engulfed with fear.
Relax, you will excel in your test.
All the best and leave to God the rest!

It is the time of the year,
To face examinations without fear.
Focus and persevere,
All the very best in life my dear!

Wishing you loads of luck for your test.
Study hard and work to achieve
The best of results you shall receive.

If you study hard this time,
You will get the marks of your kind
So, leave aside everything and focus right
Your future is just too bright
All the best for exams!

Nothing else will speak for you
Apart from your hard work,
If your will to do is there
You can go to places and where
Do well
All the best to you!

You know that you are smart
And you can excel through
Don’t you worry for the best will happen
Because you are the chosen few
All the best to you
Do well!

There might be stress
You may be in distress
But, keep your hopes alive
And you would excel through,
So do your best you can
All the best

If you work hard you may achieve your goal
This is the most important phase
You have the most important role
In life so give your best shot
All the best to you!

It’s just for some time
And only for some days
You have to work hard
And then prove your ways
As you have the power to go ahead in life
Wish you all the very best!

Best Of Luck For Exam Quotes

Exams are just an open opportunity to prove your best
You need to show everyone that you are better then the rest
So pull up your socks and show what you are
You will also shine like the star!
All the best to you!

Determination and hard work may help you as well
But you have to keep your focus high
Then only you will reach the sky
And do your best in things you can
So, give your best shot!
All the best for your exams!

By getting good grades in life,
You will secure your future and your way
Just study for this day
And you will have your say
Forever in life
Study hard and keep your focus!
All the best for your exams!

You have the power to go where you want
You have the power to stay
So, don’t lose your focus on life
Whenever the situation is dismay
Go ahead and strive hard
All the very best to you!

Do you know that luck is very important to excel in life
But do you know that hard work plays an equal role
You need to work hard
To reach your goal
So study hard
All the very best for your exams!

Exams are surely a stressful time
But if you aware and well versed
And you study well
There is no need to stress at all
So, all the best for your exams
Do well dear!

Fight your inner nervous being
And reach your destined goal
You know you can do it from within
You know your perfect role
So study hard and reach the sky
You will fly high!
All the best for exams!

It is the time to stress
It is the time to think hard
It is the time to be serious
And forget about the fun part
But, the time will come for cheer
When you will excel through my dear
All the best for your exams!

If your aim is high and your focus right
You will reach the top grade
You need to be positive and you need to be calm
You will get through this time for sure
All the best for exams my dear!

Don’t think about the negative side
Don’t think about the fear of losing
Give your best shot because you can
You can also win
Just focus right and you will get the grades you want
All the best for your exams!

Exam Success Wishes And Prayers

Exam is the test of your ability,
But it is also the test of your patience
Your calm attitude and well your positive aspect of life
Don’t lose the above three things in stress!
All the best for your exams!
Do well!

When you study you need to keep your focus right
It should go out of the sight
Know what you’re doing and reach your goal
Know that you are going alright
Just stay calm!
All the best for your exams!
Do well!

Luck always favors those who try in life
So, you need to struggle and strive
To get the grades that you want
Then you can flaunt
Your good side of the life
All the best for your exams!
Do well and stay calm!

The clock is ticking and time is here
It is a wonderful time to prove
That you are number one in whatever you do
It is the time to show the world
What you are capable to do
So do take a chance and prove
That you are the best
Good luck to you,
Do well in your test!

Good luck is surely a cool word
Actually, I know that you do not need it
You are as smart in whatever you do
I just want to wish you the best
In whatever you do
Today is your day to prove your worth
So a super good luck to you
All the best to you!

Hey it is your exam time,
It is the time to prove your worth
It is the time to show the world
That you are the best in every test
So good luck from my side to you
It’s the time to say all the very best
Do well my dear
Ring in the cheer!

Little bit of stress I know
There is so much chaos to show
Little bit of tension will be there
But don’t you stay this way
You know that you know it all
And you will surely stand so tall
So it’s a good luck from my side
For you are the best!

Good luck to you oh dear
For everything you do
For all the hard work, you have put in
And things that surely will be new
It’s the exam fever that has caught on you
It is time to give your best shot
In whatever you do
Wishing a good luck to you!

Exam fever is surely catching up
But you don’t have to strain
You know that you are so clever
You can crack with your super brain
So give your best in your test
And follow all the rest
You will surely get good grades
Wishing you all the best!

Your hard work will surely pay
Your luck will surely be on your side
There is nothing as such you long
You know that you can pass this tide
Give your best in whatever you do
Life will surely be with you
Wishing good luck to you
As you are super brainy too!

I always knew that you are going
To do something different
Today is the real test for you
In life because you have turned so very wise
So do good to yourself my dear
As it’s a super time for you
Wishing super good luck to you
May God be with you!

Actually, this is just an official thing
To wish you good luck in life
I know that you are super intelligent
In whatever you do in life
It’s just a official thing from my side
Good luck to you my dear
You will get through this tide!

Good luck from my side
For everything you wish for
For everything you want
For everything you desire
May this exam, you get good grades
And I wish you reach higher
Good luck to you!

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