50 Best Quotes About Awareness | Awareness Quotes

Here are 50 Awareness Quotes from world eminent persons about awareness.

Awareness Quotes :

  • “Circumstances don’t make the man, they only reveal him to himself.”  ~Epictetus
  • “Only the educated are free.”  ~Epictetus
  • “It is a great thing to know the season for speech and the season for silence.”  ~Seneca
  • “You don’t know what you need in your life until you figure out who you are.”  ~Jay Shetty
  • “We can build anything in our imagination. That’s where all creation begins in your life.”  ~Bob Proctor
  • “Watch what the idiots are doing, and do the opposite.”  ~Robert Kiyosaki
  • “The trouble with school is they give you the answer, then they give you the exam. That’s not life.”  ~Robert Kiyosaki
  • “Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.”  ~Bob Proctor
  • “Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart.”  ~Seneca
  • “Excuses cost a dime and that’s why the poor could afford a lot of it.”  ~Robert Kiyosaki

Self Awareness Quotes :

  • “Dissect how you spend your time. It reveals your priorities.”  ~Tom Bilyeu
  • “Man is not worried by real problems so much as by his imagined anxieties about real problems.”  ~Epictetus
  • “When you try to accomplish something, you realize there are only two things you have to leverage your body and your mind.”  ~om Bilyeu
  • Ego clouds and disrupts everything.”  ~Jocko Willink
  • “The way we communicate says it all. We spend more time holding our phones than we hold each other. We ask Google more question than we ask each other.”  ~Jay Shetty
  • “I don’t have time is the biggest lie you tell yourself. – Grant Cardone
  • “You’ll never be admired without being criticized first.”  ~Grant Cardone
  • “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”  ~Seneca
  • “If you allow the status quo to persist, you can’t expect to improve performance, and you can’t expect to win.”  ~Jocko Willink
  • “Everyone has a different clock. Wait for your time.”  ~Jay Shetty

Situational Awareness Quotes :

  • “Men are disturbed, not by things, but by the principles and notions which they form concerning things.”  ~Epictetus
  • “Quit blaming your past for your current condition.”  ~Grant Cardone
  • “Simplicity requires ruthlessness.”  ~Tim Ferris
  • “Whether you’re 9 or 90, stop trying to fix the things you’re bad at, and focus on the things you’re good at.”  ~Gary Vaynerchuk
  • “Think about what you can do right now, not what you wish you had done before.”  ~Jay Shetty
  • “Information is useless if it is not applied to something important or if you will forget it before you have a chance to apply it.”  ~Tim Ferris
  • “The leader is truly and ultimately responsible for everything.”  ~Jocko Willink
  • “Education is cheap; experience is expensive.”  ~Robert Kiyosaki
  • “You can’t get rich thinking poor.”  ~Grant Cardone
  • “Whatever you focus on you will become.”  ~Tom Bilyeu

Quotes About Awareness :

  • “My true self is free, it cannot be contained.”  ~Marcus aurelius
  • “Each and every day I get back up and move forward with my fist clenched toward the battle.”  ~Jocko Willink
  • “Average is a failing formula.”  ~Grant Cardone
  • “Why should we feel anger at the world? As if the world would notice?”  ~Marcus aurelius
  • “Creativity follows commitment.”  ~Grant Cardone
  • “Associate with people who are likely to improve you.”  ~Seneca
  • “Power starts in the mind.”  ~Tom Bilyeu
  • “If you look for the negative, it will be there. If you look for the positive, it will overwhelm you.”  ~Tom Bilyeu
  • “Love didn’t hurt you. Someone who doesn’t know to love hurt you. Don’t confuse the two.”  ~Jay Shetty
  • “The more a person seeks security, the more that person gives up control over his life.”  ~Robert Kiyosaki

Awareness Quotes In English :

  • “Your greatness is limited only by the investments you make in yourself.”  ~Grant Cardone
  • “The good you find in others is a reflection of the good that is in yourself.”  ~Bob Proctor
  • “It is not death or pain that is to be feared, but the fear of pain or death.”  ~Epictetus
  • “He suffers more than necessary, who suffers before it is necessary.”  ~Seneca
  • “Stay in charge of you, don’t let the outside world control you.”  ~Bob Proctor
  • “Make what you want to see or see yourself. Scratch your own itch.”  ~Tim Ferris
  • “Do what others refuse to do.”  ~Grant Cardone
  • “When you are taking massive action, you aren’t thinking in terms of how many hours you work.”  ~Grant Cardone
  • “Anger cannot be dishonest.”  ~Marcus aurelius
  •  “Do not try to seem wise to others.”  ~Epictetus

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