38 Best Positive Pride Quotes

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Today we have 38 best pride quotes collected from different places in our collection. These pride quotes will help you boost self-esteem and build confidence.

Pride Quotes :

  • “What is pride? A whizzing rocket that would emulate a star.”  ~William Wordsworth
  • “The passions grafted on wounded pride are the most inveterate; they are green and vigorous in old age.”  ~George Santayana
  • “Besides pride, loyalty, discipline, heart, and mind, confidence is the key to all the locks.”  ~Joe Paterno
  • “Pride had rather out of the way than go behind.”  ~Thomas Fuller
  • “Pride proceeds the fall.”  ~The Bible
  • “How sweet I roamed from field to field, and tasted all the summer’s pride.”  ~William Blake
  • “Pride is an admission of weakness, it secretly fears all competition and dreads all rivals.”  ~Fulton J. Sheen
  • “Pride sullies the noblest character.”  ~Claudianus
  • “Vain was the chief’s, the sage’s pride! They had no poet, and they died.”  ~Horace
  • “The nobler the blood the less the pride.”

Quotes About Pride :

  • “Tis not the belly’s hunger that costs so much, but its pride.” ~Seneca
  • “In general, pride is at the bottom of all great mistakes.”  ~John Ruskin
  • “Never pride yourself on knowledge. Remember, even a head of iceberg lettuce knows more than you do. It knows whether or not that light really does go out when the refrigerator door shuts.”
  • “Generosity during life is a very different thing from generosity in the hour of death, one proceeds from genuine liberality and benevolence, the other from pride or fear.”  ~Horace Mann
  • “Pride does not wish to owe and vanity does not wish to pay.”  ~Francois De La Rochefoucauld
  • “And the Devil did grin, for his darling sin is pride that apes humility.”  ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  • “The pride of the peacock is the glory of God.”  ~William Blake
  • “Shame is pride’s cloak.”  ~William Blake
  • “He will not enter hell who hath faith equal to a mustard seed in his heart; and he will not enter Paradise who hath a single grain of pride, equal to a mustard seed, in his heart.”  ~Muhammad Ali
  • “Pride is said to be the last vice the good man gets clear of.”  ~Benjamin Franklin

Self Pride Quotes :

  • “Be modest! It is the kind of pride least likely to offend.”  ~Jules Renard
  • “Idleness and pride tax with a heavier hand than kings and parliaments. If we can get rid of the former, we may easily bear the latter.”  ~Benjamin Franklin
  • “There is no pride like that of a beggar grown rich.”  ~French Proverb
  • “Show class, have pride, and display character. If you do, winning takes care of itself.”  ~Paul Bryant
  • “Let pride go afore, shame will follow after.”  ~George Chapman
  • “Let your pride pardon what your nature needs, the salutary censure of a friend.”
  • “Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need.” ~Kahlil Gibran
  • “They are proud in humility, proud in that they are not proud.”  ~Robert Burton
  • “Charity and pride have different aims, yet both feed the poor.”  ~Proverb
  • “Pride is seldom delicate, it will please itself with very mean advantages.”  ~Samuel Johnson

Pride Quotes In English :

  • “My family pride is something inconceivable. I can’t help it. I was born sneering.”  ~William S. Gilbert
  • “When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.”  ~Bible
  • “One of the best temporary cures for pride and affection is seasickness, a man who wants to vomit never puts on airs.”  ~Josh Billings
  • “What the weak head with strongest bias rules, Is pride, the never-failing vice of fools.”  ~Alexander Pope
  • “Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.”  ~Joseph Addison
  • “I didn’t raise my boy to be a soldier, I brought him up to be my pride and joy, Who dares to put a musket to his shoulder, To kill some other mother’s boy.”
  • “Nothing so obstinately stands in the way of all sorts of progress as pride of opinion. While nothing is so foolish and baseless.”  ~Josiah G. Holland
  • “This transformation in kids – from flashing dragonflies, so to say, to sticky water-surface worms slowly slipping downstream – is noticed with pride by society and with mortification by God …”  ~William Saroyan
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