160 Best Heart Broken Sad Messages In English

Living with a broken heart is really more painful. Did your loved one also break your heart? And you do not understand what to say. Then you can read our Heart Break Messages. And you can share these messages with your boyfriend or girlfriend through social media.

Heart Broken Messages :

  • Awesome Lines By A Broken Heart “I Was Not Always Heartless But After You Broke My Heart I Start Using My Heart – Less ….”
  • Whenever I Think Of U This Question Comes To My Mind Why Couldn’t U Love Me Dear ? Im Still Thinking Of You.
  • I Know You’ll Never Love Me, And I Don’t Know Why??? I Know You’ll Never Think Of Me, Itz Makes Me Want To Cry !!! Buh I Do Know That I’ll Love You, Each And Every Day !!! As Long As Your Happy … In This Sad World I’ll Be Happy Too Even Through I’m A Lonely Girl …!!
  • Sometimes I Just Wonder Why Do I Feel Sad Whenever I Think Of U? And I Realised That The Only Time I’m Smiling Is Whenever I Believed I Still Love U.
  • U Will Miss Me, When I’m Gone Forever.. Thanks For Playing With My Feelings..!
  • It Hurts WhenI’m Not Feeling Exactly Happy, I Don’t Really Feel Sad Too. Sometimes I Don’t Know How I’m Feeling…
  •  You Have Someone In Your Heart But You Can’t Have Them In You Arms.
  • I Am Idiot Who Cried 4 U Why Do I Still Love U U Have Hurt Me U Have Broken Me U Have Given Tears In My Eyes I No Longer Trust Anyone I No Longer Smile U Have Eresed Happiness 4rm My Life U Made Me Feel Lonely U Left My Heart Broken But Still I Love U How Stupid Am I…!

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  • Words By A Broken Heart: Another Sunset And Another Day Without U.. I’m Waiting For The Sunrise With A Hope To See U Soon..!
  • I’m Not Feeling Exactly Happy, I Don’t Really Feel Sad Too. Sometimes I Don’t Know How I’m Feeling…
  • I’ll Leave Someth¡ng When I W¡ll Leave Th¡s World.. Few Memor¡es In Your Heart… Few Tears In Your Eyes.. My Name On Your L¡ps… & My Absence In Your L¡fe.
  • She Said I Am Cheater, I Remained Quiet..=( She Said I Have No Heart, I Remained Quiet..=( She Said I Have Ego Problem, I Remained Quiet..=( She Said Its All Over Now, I Remained Quiet..=( As She Was Leaving, I Noticed Something, But Remained Quiet..=( Her Eyes Were Full Of Tears.., I Hugged Her, Kissed Her Lips.., But Remained Quiet..?
  • I Have Never Gone Away From You, It Is Just That Other People Came Closer To You And You Couldn’t See Me In That Crowd..!!
  • If You Broken Heart Any One. One Day Your Own Heart Will Broke Some One. Then You Know The Pain Of Broke Heart.
  • So I Guess That I’m The Loser Cause You’ve Found Someone New But I’m Still Here’ Still All Alone Just Crying Over You.
  • Walking alone is not difficult But when we have walked a mile with someone. Then coming back alone that is more DIFFICULT..!!

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Heart Broken Pictures With Messages :

  • The Most Hurting Moment Of Life Is, When Unexpected Person Comes Into Ur Life.. Shows U The Way To Smile And To Be Happy.. And, Leaves U Even Not Telling The Reason..!
  • WORDS OF A BROKEN LOVER: The One and Only time I hate the word “Friends” is When she said “Let us be only friends..!
  • I Want To Forget All The Times When We Were Together, Not Because I Don’t Love U Anymore, Because It Hurts Too Much To Remember L
  • Time To Time You Hurt Me But I Don’t Get Angry 0n You.. Every Time It Pains But I Don’t Say A Word T0 You.. Every Time You Say Sorry I Forgive You 0n The Spot.. Coz Every Time You Make A Mistake, I Punish Myself By Loving You More & More.
  • Sweetest Line Said By A Girl To A Boy During Their Breakup.. “Still U Will Be My Answer, When Someone Asks What U Are Thinking About..!”
  • Sad Lines By Broken Heart: They Say Follow Ur Heart.. But, When Ur Heart Is In So Many Pieces.. Which Way Are U To Follow..!
  • I Wish I Could Give You My Pain For Moment, Not To Hurt You, But To Make Understand How Much It Hurts To Be Left Alone By You…
  • A Touching Line: I Will Go Out Of Your Life, If You Can Promise Me That Somebody Will Take Care Of You More Than Me… !!!

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  • You Hurt Me More Then I Deserve, How Can You Be So Cruel? I Love You More Then You Deserve, Why Am I Such A Fool?
  • I Will Wait.. Till The Day “I” Can Forget “You” Or The Day You Realize “You” Cannot Forget “Me”
  • I Always Thought I Had Some Place In Their Heart. Whom I Loved But Everytime I Was Wrong I Was Just Like A Candle When Ever Needed I Was Burnt L
  • Great Lines By A Broken Heart: Your First Mistake Was Leaving Me. Your Second Mistake Was Giving Me The Chance To Realize I Could Live Without You.
  • I Think Of You In Silence I Often Speak Your Name All I Have Left Are Memories And A Heart Around Your Name My Heart Aches With Sadness And All My Tears Will Flow But What It Meant To Lose You No-one Will Ever Know.
  • My Eyes Are Hurting Coz I Cant See U, My Arms R Empty Coz I Cant Hold U, My Lips Are Cold Coz I Cant Kiss U & My Heart Is Breaking Coz Im Not With U..!
  • I Am Not Sad.. But I Don’t Want To Talk To Anyone Or Listen To Anyone Or Smile.. Or Laugh..
  • You Left Me In Pain, All The Effort Goes In Vain, Now It Doesn’t Matter, As All My Dreams Shatter, Have No Words To Say, Thinking About You Every Single Day, I Thought Something Special We Had, In Love We Were Mad, But As My Dream Breaks, My Life Is What It Takes..

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Broken Heart Message :

  • My God Knows About My Pain.. But, He (My Love) Is Still Unaware About It..!
  • You Know Somebody, And They Cry For You. They Stay Awake At Night And Dream Of You. I Bet You Never Even Know They Do, But Somebody’s Crying For You…!
  • You Don’t Love Me, Do You? You Don’t Care For Me, Do You? See? You Can’t Even Answer.. I’m Letting You Go Now.. Why? Cause I Have Done Everything To Have You And You? You Have Done Nothing And Yet You Have Me….
  • Like The Saddest Melody On A Guitar, Like The Gloomiest Sky, And The Darkest Star, My Heart Has Been Broken In Two, Since It Has Parted With You.
  • I Made A Choice To Finally Let Go, Because I Can’t Stand The Pain, It’s Time For My Last Tear To Fall And Smile Again.
  • Nothing To Say, Nothing To Write, Nothing To Send, But I Believe That… You Will Listen , Read , ’N Receive My Feelings In The Silence Too.. !
  • I Want To Touch A Heart, But When I Try To Touch, It Get Broken, May Be It’s Best I Keep Away.
  • You Are The One Who Broke My Heart, You Are The Reason My World Fell Apart, You Are The One Who Made Me Cry, Yet I’m Still In Love With You ‘N I Don’t Know Why?

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  • Once I Loved Someone Very Truly She Broke Mah Heart Into Pieces Nd Walked Away.. Now Each Part Of Mah Heart Loves Sepretely And Peoples Call Me FLIRTY.
  • When God Has Already Decided Who Will Be Our Life Partner.. Then Why Does He Make Us To Love Someone So Much Who Cant Be Ours..
  • It Hurts To Love Someone And Not Be Loved In Return. But What Is More Painful Is To Love Someone And Never Find The Courage To Let That Person Know How You Feel.
  • You Asked Me Why I Loved You And I Said Because You Are And Always Have Been My Dream. You Said The Same. The Only Difference Was. I Didn’t Lie.
  • Break My Heart Destroy My Soul And Leave Me Crying.. I’d Still Love U, And I Wont Expect U To Love Me In Return..!
  • Thank You For Loving Me, Hating Me, Hurting Me, And Teaching Me How To Let Go Of Someone That Wasn’t Right For Me.
  • Words By Broken Heart- Another Year Has Passed And The Same Way I Watch The Hours, Minutes, Seconds Pass Away, But IM Still Waiting For You.):
  • It Pains Inside But I Never Said A Word, I Always Said I Love You But You Never Heard, Louder Than Thunder Was Scream, When I Cried, Still You Went Away No Matter How Hard I Tried..! I Am Trying To Be Happy Wearing A Smile, But Its Too Painful Inside.. Everywhere I Go I See Your Face, ‘N Realize How Much I Miss You; But I Still Know That You’re With Me, With Me Forever.. !

Broken Heart Message For Girlfriend :

  • The Tears In My Eyes Are Not Because I Lost You.. It’s Because I Always Thought That You Belonged With Me.
  • I Have Died Everyday Waiting For You. Jaanu’ Don’t Be Afraid I Have Loved You, For A Thousand Years.. I’ll Love You For A Thousand More!
  • Lines By A Broken Heart: Few Years Back Smoking Was Injurious To Health, But, In Recent Years Trusting Is Injurious To Health..!
  • You Told Me To Forget You, But Tell Me How Can I Forget You When You Are Only One Who Is In My Mind’n Heart.. What Will I Remembr When I Forget You..
  • After He Broke My Heart My Friends Asked, “How Many Reasons Do You Have To Still Love Him?” I Pointed To The Stars & Said “Start Counting.”?
  • The Rain Fall Bcoz, The Sky Can No Longer Handle Its Heaviness.. Just Like The Tears, It Falls Bcoz, The Heart Can No Longer Handle The Pain…
  • Can We Go Back To The Days Where It Was Just You & Me ? We Were So Happy Back Then. Carefree, No Drama, Just A Boy & A Girl Who Were Simply Crazy For Each Other. I Miss Those Days. All We Have Now Are The Memories Of What We Used To Be, & The Thoughts Of What Could Have Been. Can We ????
  • Love Hurts When You Breakup With Some 1. Hurts Even More When Some 1 Breaks Up With U. But Love Hurts The Most When The Person You Love Has No Idea How You Feel.
  • I Remember How Much U Hurt Me I Say I Am Fine Alone But Why Does My Stupid Heart Miss U So Much… N Why Do I Need That Hurt Frm U To Feel That M Still Alive.. Without U !!
  • My Absence May Not Make Any Difference To You. But I Know I Loved You Truly ‘N Won’t Give The Same Moments To Anyone New.
  • Touching Lines By Broken Heart- “Sometimes I Feel That Waiting 4 U In My Life Is Like Waiting 4 Bus At A Railway Station..”
  • She Wanted To Leave… She Left… I Had To Loose… I Lost… The Difference Is, She Just Lost A Moment Of Life.. And In That Moment I Lost My Whole Life…!!!
  • It Hurts When We Risk Our Heart.. And, It Ends Up Being Broken.. But, What Hurts More Is When We Still Hold On, When We Already Know We Are Waiting For Nothing..!
  • I Give Up..not Because I’ve Stopped Caring. I M Just Tired Of Getting Hurt..
  • A Moment Which We Passed Together Is Too Short .. But I Feel The Great Happiness .. You Know ? Happiness Without U Is Nothing ..
  • Do You Know What Hurts The Most…? Its When Someone Made You Feel Part Of Their Life Yesterday.. But Made You Feel That You Are The Most Unwanted Person Today…!!!

Heart Broken Messages For Boyfriend :

  • “It Takes A Minute To “Have A Crush On Sum1 “An Hour To Like Sum1 “A Day To Love Sum1 “But It Takes A Whole Lifetime To Forget Sum1”
  • If You Don’t Call Me All Day I’ll Understand. When You Don’t Text Me All Day I’ll Understand. You Don’t Have Time To Spend With Me I’ll Understand When I Move On With My Life And Leave You In The Past I Hope You Understand.. !
  • The Empty Space In My Heart Can’t Be Filled Till The Day You Come Back I Miss You Every Second..i Would Take My Last Breath To Say I Love You Even Though You’re Not There.. Truth Is I Need You In My Life Again-for My Heart Cannot Smile…!!! ♥U Will Never Be Mine But I Still Love U♥
  • I Can Harden Up And Never Again Expose The Way You Hurted Me To Anyon, I Can Shut Myself Not Just To You But Also To The Rest Of The World.
  • Everyday I Wait For A Text, Everyday I Wait For A Call, Everyday I Adore U To My Frnds, Everyday I Find Myself Let Down, Everyday I Losing Hope Slowly.
  • I Can Forget The Time You Walked By.. I Can Forget The Time You’v Made Me Cry.. I Can Forget The Time You Held My Hand.. I Can Forget The Sweet Things.. If I Can!! I Can No Longer Pretend!! I’hv To Remember Now.. That You Were Just A Friend..!!
  • I May Not Be The Most Important Person In Your Life But I Just Hope That One Day When U Hear My Name U Would Just Smile & Say “I Miss This Person”…!!!
  • Loneliness Has Taught Me Everythng In This World Except One Thing… How To Forget The One Who Made Me Lonely….!
  • It’s Amazing How Someone Can Break Your Heart; But You Still Love Them With All The Little Pieces.
  • Never Talk About Feelings, If They Aren’t Really There Never Hold My Hand, If You Going To Break My Heart Never Say You Are Going To, If You Don’t Plan To Start Never Look In My Eyes, If All You Do Is Lie Never Say Hello, If You Really Mean Goodbye.
  • Wanting Her Is Hard To Forget.. Loving Her Is Hard To Regret.. Losing Her Is Hard To Accept.. But Even With All The Hurt I’ve Felt, Letting Go Is The Most Painful Yet.
  • Some Broken Heart’ May Never Mend Some Memories May Never End Some Wet Tears May Never Dry But My Love For You Will Never Die…
  • You’re The One Who Broke My Heart, You’re The Reason My World Fell Apart, You’re The One Who Made Me Cry, Yet I’m Still In Love With You And I Don’t Know Why..!!
  • Heart Touching Msg From A Love Failure Guy That Day I Tattooed My Lovers Name On My Hand, Today My Daughter Asking Me ‘ Dad, Do U Love Me So Much ?
  • Broken Trust Is Like A Melted Chocolate, No Matter How U Tried To Freeze It, It Will Never Return To Its Original Shape..!
  • When The World Sleeps.. I Lay Broken Inside.. When The World Is Awake.. My Heart Cries For Death.. Living Hurts More Than Dying..!

Heart Broken Messages In English :

  • A Sad Lines By Broken Heart “They Say Follow Your Heart But When Your Heart Is In so Many Pieces, Which Way Are You To Follow?”
  • I’m Not Living Alone.. Though U Are Not With Me But The Pain U Gave Me Is Always With Me & They Keep Remembering Me About U.
  • Awesome Lines By A Broken Heart “I Was Not Always Heartless But After You Broke My Heart I Start Using My Heart – Less ….”
  • Remembering Is Easy For Those Who Have Brains, But Forgetting Is Hard For Those Who Have Heart..!!
  • Sometimes I Say “I Just Want To See You Happy” But Deep In My Heart I Still Want To Be Your Happiness.
  • Someday You May Forget About Me, My Name, My Voice, Who I Am And Who I Was To You. But Even If You Still Totally Forget About Me, I Just Want You To Know That I Will Never Forget A Single Thing About You And Everything We Went Through.
  • Sometime Giving Someone Second Chance Is Giving Them An Extra Bullet For The Gun Because They Missed You The First Time.
  • A Painful Moment Comes When U Get Close With A Person And One Day The Person Suddenly Try To Avoid U And Your Heart Wants To Go And Talk To That Person But Your Ego Doesn’t Allow You…!
  • Still I Cannot Believe I Am Standing Alone Here, Without You I Am Surrounded By Fear, Because Without You I Am Not Whole, And No One Else Can Play Your Role.
  • When I Close My Eyes I See No One Except You.. But When I Open My Eyes I See Everyone Except You…
  • When I Was Sad You Were Not Here, I Was All Broken But You Didn’t Care, You Forgot That I Have Got Heart Too, Though It Was Always Busy Loving You..!!!
  • I Will Remember Him Not As The One Who Broke My Heart But As The One Who Taught Me How To Live With Broken Heart Still.. Love You Swt Heart.
  • “They Say Follow Your Heart But When Your Heart Is In So Many Pieces, Which Way Are You To Follow?”
  • Loneliness Teaches Me Every Thing In This World.. Except On How To Forget The Person Who Made Me Lonely..!
  • I May Pretend I Have Forgotten U In Front Of Others.. But, My Heart Always Whispers.. Bcoz, Forgetting Is The Matter Of Mind Not Heart..!
  • U Promised 2 Take Care Of Me, But U Hurt Me, U Promised Me 2 Bring Me Joy, But U Brought Me Tears, U Promised Me Ur Love, But U Gave Me Pain, Me?? I Promised U Nothing But I Gave U Everything!

Heart Break Messages :

  • When It’s Clear That You Don’t Feel The Same Way For Me… The Problem Is That As Much As I Can’t Force You To Love Me, I Can’t Force Myself To Stop Loving You.
  • My Fault Was Just One.. That I Loved U.. Now I Cry Silently.. U Gave Me Such A Pain.. Ye.. Unknown And Careless.. Hurt Me As Much As U Can.. My Love Will Never Lessen.. I Swear By My Tears.. Because I Lived U Truly…
  • It Hurts A lot When You Think That I Have Moved On What If I Am Still There? What If I Have Left My Soul And My Body Is Just Moving On? You Can Never Understand Me Because You Never Tried To..
  • Nothing Hurts More Than Realizing He Meant Everything To You, But You Meant Nothing To Him.
  • Lines By A Broken Heart: Sorry My Heart Is Closed For Renovation.. Be Back When The Damage Has Been Repaired..!
  • Quote Broken Heart: Congrats For Ur New Relationship Dear.. But, Before Going Would U Like To Get That Knife Out Of My Heart.. U’ll Probably Need It Again..!
  • Painful Words: “We Are Special To Someone.. Until They Find Another..!”
  • Touching Lines From A Lover: I Took All The Pain Killers.. Bcoz, I Wanted To Wash Away My Pain.. But, One Thought Of U, And It Hurts All Over Again..!
  • When I Don’t See You I’m Fine & I Can Move On.. But The 2nd I See Your Face I’m Back 2 Wishing You Were Mine Again..
  • I Am Trying To Be Happy Wearing A Smile; But Its Too Painful Inside.. Everywhere I Go I See Your Face, And Realize How Much I Miss You; But I Still Know You Can Never Be Mine Again..
  • With Every Minute I Spend My Life Without You, It Holds The Secret That No One Knew, To Break My Heart Was In Hands Of Only Few, But I Never Thought That One Could Be You..
  • I Wanted To Talk To You And Say Lots Of Things But Then I Realised I Don’t Have Right To ….!
  • I Want To Mix My Heart With Him To Make It Single.. But, He Broke My Single Heart Into Pieces..!
  • Lines By Broken Heart: In Love Try To Gain Hearts With Permission.. Never Try To Steal It Without Permission.. If U Steal U Cannot Gain..!
  • U Will Never Be Mine But I Still Love U. Cute Way TØ Express The LØve: “My Life did not begin with you.., But I wish my Life should end with youღღღ♥♥
  • U May Think That I Forgot U, U May Think That I Don’t Care, U May Think That I M Fake. But U R Wrong U Always Walk With Me In My Thoughts..!!!

Long Heart Broken Messages :

  • I Was Happy With U I Was Talking With U I Was Forgot To Cry .. When You Near With Me I Didn’t Knw The Meaning Of Loneliness.. But.. After You Gone From My Side To Away .. Feels Like Something Gonna Wrong Feels Like World Is Empty My Mind Is Complicated . Sunrise To Sunset , My Every Moment Is Silent.. Still , I M Waiting U Without Reason … What Happen To Me ? I Don’t Knw Myself But I Notice That Loneliness Is There Wherever I Go Without You .
  • She Gave Me Lots Of Love, I Thought That’s Enough..! She Took Me As God Gifted, I Took Her For Granted, Coz Of My Ego..! I Asked Her To Leave; She Asked Me Why ?? I Said: Don’t Love You Any More..! I Dint Know Her Value, When She Was Around. N When I Realized Her Value, She Was Under The Ground..! So Respect The Feelings, Of The Person Who Loves You..
  • The Greatest Frustration Happens When You Are Alone. Missing That Person Like Anything. Cell Phone In Your Hand. Number At Your Fingertips. Passed On To The Screen. But. Still Knowing That The Green Button Should Not Be Pressed Bcoz You Have Just Lost The Rights Over That Person..!
  • I Know She Is The Prestigious Gift I Ever Had But Some Time I Feel I Was The Game That She Played I Know She Was Very Innocent, Cute, Nd Lovable Nd I Loved Her Also As She. But One Day She Broke Ma Heart In To Several Pieces But Where Are You Now I Wanna Say You One Thing You Can Hate Me But Don’t Try To Forget Me.!!!.
  • When Nothing Goes Right I Thought You’d Be There When I Looked In The Light I Realized You Didn’t Care You’ve Moved On, I Guess Ill Do The Same Its Just Harder For Me, Cause We Went Separate Ways I Loved You, I Thought U Did Too.
  • Everyday, I Wait For A Text. :’( Everyday, I See You I Wait For A Hello. :’( Everyday, I Tell My Friends How Much I Adore You. :’( Everyday, I Find Myself Let Down. :’( But Everyday I Still Find Hope… :’(
  • If You See Me Walking With Someone Else, It’s Not Because I Want To.. It’s Because You Weren’t Brave Enough To Walk By Me. If You See Me Smile, It’s Not Because I Forgot You.. It’s Because I Got Tired Of Crying For You. If You See Me Living Again, It’s Not Because I’ve Moved On.. It’s Because I Hate The Fact You Can Live Without Me. So If I Fall In Love With Someone Else, It’s Not Because I Want To.. It’s Because You Weren’t There To Catch Me…!!
  • I Broke Up With Him. But Never He Asked Me The Reason Why I Broke Up With Him. I Wanted His Attention I Wanted His Madness On Me Still He Did Not Find What I Actually Want.. When I Decided To B Alone He Replied To Me Saying I Can’t Live Widout You But That Time I Learnt To Live Without Him.
  • My Heart Is Paining No More.. I Have Only Our Eternal Memory.. Really I Can’t Believe That I’m Gonna Miss You.. My Life Also Gonna Dream.. You Are A Nice Dream That Come To My Life For A Short Time.. Really You Are..
  • I’m Not Angry That I Lost You, I’m Sad Because I Once Had You.. I’m Not Angry That I Can’t Have You, I’m Sad Because I Know What I’m Missing.. I’m Not Angry That You’ve Moved On, I’m Sad Because I Can’t Walk Wid U..
  • I’m Not Angry That I Lost You, I’m Sad Because I Once Had You.. I’m Not Angry That I Can’t Have You, I’m Sad Because I Know What I’m Missing.. I’m Not Angry That You’ve Moved On, I’m Sad Because I Can’t Walk Wid U.♥.
  • I Still Remember Your Last Words- Don’t Call Me… Don’t Text Me… Don’t Irritate Me… You Know… My Heart Was Taken By You… Broken By You… And Now It Is In Pieces Because Of You.. And Still Every Single Piece Craves, Longs For You Only… Trust Me Baby I Am Going Through Hell.. I Am Suffering Each And Every Moment… Why Don’t You See… All I Ever Wanted Is You Only.
  • The Most Hurting Moment Of Life Is, When Unexpected Person Comes Into Your Life, Shows You The Way To Smile And To Be Happy, And Leaves You Even Not Telling The Reason….!
  • Look Me In The Eyes, And Tell Me You Have No Feeling 4 Me And I’ll Leave You Alone 4 Good I Still Remember How We Started Talking You Made Me Talk About Thing I’ve Never Told Anybody And Then U Left! There Is Love In My Heart Pain In My Soul! Tears In My Eyes & Nothing Is In My Hand..!
  • Just Because My Eyes Do Not Show Tears, Doesn’t Mean My Heart Doesn’t Cry N I Don’t Get Hurt. Just Because I Come Out Strong, Doesn’t Mean There Is Nothing Wrong. Often I Choose To Pretend That I’m Happy. So I Don’t Have To Explain Myself To People Who’ll Never Understand. Smiling Has Always Been Easier Than Explaining Y I’m Sad…!!
  • Your Ignorance Slashes My Heart All The Time.. ‘N The Pain Is Now Just Too Much To Bear.. Just Promise Me That U’ll Be Mine… I Wont Ask You To Keep It.. Just Say That You’ll Come Back To Me.. I Wont Ask You To Return Just Say That You Still Love Me Like You Did Before… I Will Never Ask For A Proof… Just Say That You Miss Me The Way I Miss You… ‘N You Want Me To Come Back.. I Promise I Will Cum Back To You Forgetting Everything That You Did To Me. !

Heart Breaking Messages Of Love :

  • It Kills Me To Know You’re Online And You Won’t Talk To Me! It’s Just Time I Realize That I Don’t Mean Anything To You And Never Really Did….. “Alone Without You”.
  • You Wonder Why I Don’t Talk To You Anymore And Please Believe Me When I Say It’s Not That I Don’t Want To, It’s Just That Everything I Want To Say I Can’t Tell You Anymore.
  • Sometimes We Waste Too Much Time To Think About Someone Who Doesn’t Even Think About Us For A Sec.
  • I Just Broke Up With Someone And The Last Thing She Said To Me Was: “You Will Never Ever Find Anyone Like Me Again In Your Life” I Am Thinking, I Should Hope Not ! If I Do Not Want You, Why Would I Want Someone Like You.
  • Sad Isn’t It? How No Matter What You Do Or Say To Me… When You Come Running Back… When You Need Me Again… I’ll Be Here… Right Here Waiting For You, I’ll Take You Back… No Questions Asked. Sad Isn’t It?
  • I’ve Honestly Tried To Let U Go.. I’ve Honestly Tried To Forget U.. I’ve Honestly Tried Not To Think Of U.. But, I Honestly Cannot.. Bcoz, I Honestly Don’t Want Too..!
  • Hurt Me, Tease Me, Make Me Cry, But In The End Of My Life, When I Die Plz Atleast Keep 1 Rose On My Grave & Say “Stupid I Miss U”….:
  • You Only Come Into My Life To Teach Me How To Live Alone.
  • I Do Not Need The Sun.. I Do Not Need The Moon.. I Do Not Need The Stars.. All I Ever Wanted In Life Was Ur Love.. Which I Never Got..!
  • Even Though You Never Loved Me I Always Kept Smiling Because.. I Didn’t Want People To Blame You.. As A Reason Behind My Tears.
  • When I Wake Up I Think Of U And A Smile Appear On My Face But, Then A Tear Comes Down My Eye Because I Know U Will Never Be Mine….
  • How Much I Try To Forget U Aftr A Year You Never Knw L But Itz Hurts When Every Day N Night U In My Mind N Heart But M Try N Try K

Heart Broken Messages For Her :

  • I Can Get A Girl Who Love Me More Than You … But You Will Never Get A Guy Who Love You More Than Me …
  • Biggest Pain In Life Is To Sit Infront Of The Person U Loved A Lot & He/she Is Crying Infront Of U For The Person He/she Loved…
  • A Million Words Would Not Bring You Back, I Know Because I’ve Tried, Neither Would A Million Tears, I Know I’ve Cried.
  • Deepest Love Is The Biggest Sorrow In The World.. Never Love A Person More Than Ur Life.. Bcoz, It Will Kill U A Lot When U Miss That Person..!
  • Nice Line Said By A Broken Heart: Please Don’t Come One More Time Infront Of Mee..!! Otherwise Again I Will Trust U..
  • Whenever I Think Of U This Question Comes To My Mind Why Couldn’t U Love Me Dear ? Im Still Thinking Of You..
  • Broken Heart.. “They All Fooled Me Always, Bcoz, I Loved Them Like A Fool..!”
  • Broken Heart:- My Absence May Not Make Any Difference To U.. But, I Know I Loved U Truly.. And Wont Give The Same Moments To Anyone New..!
  • You Touched My Heart W¡th A Thousand Pleasures… And Broke ¡T ¡N To A M¡ll¡on P¡eces.
  • Touchy Lines By A Lover. “I Love My Shadow A Lot. Bcoz Atleast It Was With Me When Iam Left Lonely By The One Whom I Actually Loved A Lotttt.

Heart Broken Messages For Him :

  • It Doesn’t Matter Whether She Is Near Me Or Far Away From Me She Is Always With Me Every Moment And Each Second Of My Life.
  • So Much Pain Behind Those Eyes But Still They Don’t Speak Out’ Don’t Let Know What They Feel? What They Want From Others? How Do They Live Their Life? Why Do They Live Their Life? But Still Cry out In Pain And Move On With A Broken Heart….
  • I’ve Honestly Tried To Let You Go. I’ve Honestly Tried To Forget You. I’ve Honestly Tried Not To Think Of You, But I Honestly Cannot Because I Honestly Don’t Want Too :’( :’(
  • I Know Your Life Can Go On Without Me, That You Can Be Happy Without Me, That You Can Survive Without Me, But Even If You Turn Me Away, I Will Still Choose To Stay With You, Be Your Sweetest Stranger Forever…!!
  • She Asked Me, Why Are U Sad ?? I Amswer: Becoz I Can’t Understand Our Relationship. Sumtimes, I Feel Like We Are Friends. Sumtimes, I Feel Like We Are More Then Friends, May Be Lovers. But Sumtimes I Feel Like I Am Just A Stranger To You..
  • I Am Still Standing On Same Spot, Where You Left My Heart To Rot, At First I Thought I’d Make It Through, But, Seems Like I Can’t Stop Loving You, It Is Getting Very Hard To Be Strong, Coz I Have Been Missing You Since Long, And Now I Don’t Have Anymore Tears To Cry, Still My Heart’s Can’t Seem To Say Goodbye..!!
  • One Of The Saddest Thing That Can Happen Is.. When One Falls In Love.. While The Other Wants Nothing More Than Frndship..!
  • How can I ever be fine, If I do not have ur love ? I can never let u know, how much pain …. –à I……AM…….IN .
  • I Like To Pretend That Everything Is Alright. Because When Everybody Else Thinks You Are Fine, Sometimes You Forget For A While That You’re Not.
  • The Tyms M Alone…. I Think About Everyone Whom I Gave A lot Of Tym And Importance In My Lyf .. Then I Smile Nd Say To My Heart See Dis “Loneliness” Is Wat U Get As A Gift By Dose Ppl.

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