20+ Best Love Status & SMS For Facebook, What’s app 2021

Best love status & Sms

Always focus on everything you love about yourself each and everyday. Tell yourself how proud you are for how hard you are trying. See everything with love and compassion then you will see your world so differently.

The first step in loving someone is learning to listen to them. If you don’t want to listen to them then how do you expect them to want to listen to you! listening to each other is the most valuable thing you can add to any relationship.

Do not judge a person by their looks or the things they have. You do not love some one for their appearance or their nice cloths but because of their personality, their thoughts, their mind and most importantly for their heart and soul.

Love is way more than a contract between two people, it is a construction that compels the participants to go beyond narcissism. For tough love that we must reinvent itself. Good Luck!

me loving you has nothing to do with me. It is actually about you, who you are, what you are, how you look and what you do. You are my everything, and I couldn’t ask for more. I love you simply because it’s YOU.

Love is just like faith. It knows no limitations, no boundaries and no impossibilities. No matter how many times you tried or failed, it has never surrendered to defeat. Never quit praying on it and trusting God for it. Good Luck and best wishes to all.

A smile of a lover is joy and happiness
A smile of a strong person is confidence

A smile of a child is contentment
A smile of a man is love and strength
A Smile of a women is fondness and appreciation
A smile of a mother is acceptance and gratification
A smile of a father is safety

A smile of a rich person is optimism
A smile of a weak person is praise and thanksgiving
A smile of a poor person is satisfaction

The best way to successfully love anyone is to love yourself first.

LOVE more
FIGHT less
DOUBT less
RELAX more
WORRY less
ENJOY more
PLAY Moreover

I try to close my eyes because I might see you.
I try to close my mouth because I might say your name.
I try to close my ears because I might hear of you,
but I can’t close my heart because I can’t forget you!!

If you send love to anything, it will send love back to you as well.
The result is that both are happy face-smile.

The Greatest Suggestion 4 Love is Do not Love The 1 Who is Beautiful 4 The World,
But Love The 1 Who Makes your World Beautiful.

Those who think true love is not exists, they haven’t seen us together face-smile.

Find someone special who makes you realize that home is not a place, but a feeling!

My life is a journey of loving God with all my heart, mind, soul and strength and to love others as I love myself!

It is not that I want to marry the most beautiful girl in the world, but a girl that will make my world the most beautiful place to live with <3 face-smile.

I asked a wise man….
Which is more important, TO LOVE or TOBE LOVED?
He answered…..
It is similar to the answer of the question : Which is more important to a bird; RIGHT WING or LEFT WING?

When your heart is involved, feet will never feel the pain of the journey

I was always there for you, and I will always be, please always remember that! face-smile.

For every truth there is an ear to hear it.
For every beauty there is an eye to see it.
For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it

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